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Since 1980, our client, a Fortune 50 healthcare company, made 60 acquisitions and allowed each to operate independently, with the exception of specific expected returns on revenues and profits. A new CEO, appointed to lead the corporation into the 21st century, stated that for the company to be a formidable competitor in the global marketplace a strategic change was required to the fundamental way it operates. His solution was to make the move from a holding company to becoming an efficient, aggressive, one-operation company. This change required unifying many individual companies, each with its own people, culture, and diverse policies, into one. To be successful, the company would rely heavily on the effectiveness of its 4,000 frontline managers and supervisors to set managerial standards across the corporation. The healthcare company embarked on a management training program designed to prepare them to do so.

Business Problem

Train 4,000 Geographically Dispersed Managers in a Short Time Frame

The immediate requirement was to train over 4,000 managers throughout North America in four months. Areas of focus included standardizing managerial personnel policies and procedures in performance management, change management, and interpersonal skills. Because the company did not have the in-house training staff needed to meet the demanding schedule, the CEO elected to outsource trainers to a company that could provide the required number of seasoned, professional, management trainers who had the ability to work effectively with both new and experienced managers. The Training Associates was the company best qualified to respond to this critical training need.

TTA Solution

TTA Management Trainers & Instructional Designers

The healthcare company initially designed and developed the curriculum for the training. At the train the trainer session, it became apparent that the courses that had been developed were not in keeping with the new higher standards that the CEO wanted for his managers. As a result, The Training Associates supplied instructional designers to redesign the curriculum to exceed the new standards. TTA then provided 17 trainers to train the managers throughout North America within the specified timeframes.

Business Results

This healthcare company was able to begin its change in strategic direction immediately confident that its front-line management team was more prepared to carry out their roles and responsibilities in the new environment. The program was so successful that TTA is now creating the instructional design for phase II. This phase will include leadership, delegation, emotional intelligence, and accountability.