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A Fortune 500 energy company, with the vision to be the first-choice provider for customers solutions in the complex and changing energy marketplace, had the desire to develop and grow its leaders from within. The company sought to develop a training program for its elite technology engineers who also possessed the skill sets to potentially become leaders within the organization.

Business Problem

Current Leadership Program Underutilized Due to Uninspired Content

The company’s learning leaders had an existing aspiring leadership program in place that was rarely utilized due to negative student feedback. New potential candidates found the content uninteresting. The result was an overall lack of enthusiasm for the material, leading to non-retention of the subject matter. In order for the company to achieve the results it desired, the current aspiring leadership program was abandoned in favor of a complete curriculum overhaul.

TTA Solution

Conduct Needs Assessment and Deploy a Customized Solution Including Creating Customized Leadership Curriculum

Expert TTA trainer consultants met with key individuals from the organization to assess the company’s culture, desired critical outcomes, and to determine needs based on an analysis of existing content, employee skill gaps, and other criteria. TTA identified a subject matter expert trainer with instructional design (ID) experience who had created her own leadership curriculum that had been very well received with clients. The leadership curriculum was customized to meet the client’s and students needs and was carefully reviewed by learning leaders and stakeholders within the company. TTA has also been engaged to deploy instructors to deliver the ongoing classes.

Business Results

The company’s new leadership program has been very successful. Student and client evaluations of the course and curriculum have been overwhelmingly positive. The program was unanimously adopted as an ongoing solution for potential leaders of the organization.