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The second largest provider of mobile telephony services with over 85.2 million wireless customers, has earned its ranking as the 7th largest company in the U.S. by consistently providing innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care for more than a century.  The company’s vision of becoming and remaining the Best-in-Class Wireless Business would require innovative solutions in the communications and entertainment industries for both consumers and businesses.  However, the company recognized that merely offering innovative products and solutions would not be enough to accomplish this goal.

Business Problem

How to Increase Retail Sales in the U.S.

If the company truly wanted its vision to become reality, it knew it would also need to invest in developing its retail sales and service staff.  The company embarked on creating a training solution that would combine sales training with product training on the multitude of wireless products sold in its retail stores and kiosks.  This initiative extended beyond training thousands of the company’s own retail employees, nationwide.  It also entailed training retailers who sell and support the company’s products.  Upon considering its options, the company came to the realization that it did not have the internal resources to take on a project of this magnitude, and turned to The Training Associates (TTA) for help.

TTA Solution

Identify, Qualify, and Deploy 25 Multi-Disciplined TTA Trainers Nationwide Over Four Months

TTA quickly identified 25 trainers with the appropriate skill-sets required to instruct on the features and functions of several wireless products. In addition to product technology training, TTA trainers were also tasked with instructing the retail staff on how to properly position and sell the products. Trainers were brought in for a one-week train-the-trainer session and then deployed to more than 100 retail locations over a four-month period.

Business Results

The sales training enabled the company’s retail employees and its affiliates to successfully identify customers data needs, and market and position products, while the product/technology aspect of the training initiative enabled the sales staff to properly articulate, demonstrate, and educate customers on the features and functions of several vendors products.