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Our client’s product is an intelligent software application for medical communication devices. The system is a wearable, voice-controlled, hands-free communication device that transforms the way mobile workers communicate enabling hospital workers and clinicians to instantly reach the right individuals at the right time.

More than 700 hospitals and 500,000 daily users leverage our client’s application to achieve improved clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. The communications system is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

Business Problem

Train Thousands of Geographically Dispersed Hospital Staff

The organization initially engaged its staff subject matter experts (SMEs) to conduct the application/device training. However, as product sales grew exponentially, so too did the need for end-user training. The company lacked the internal subject matter resources required to fulfill the demand for training across numerous hospitals  throughout the U.S. utilizing their devices.

TTA Solution

TTA Trainers Deployed Regionally Throughout Country

In order to adequately handle the increased demand for end-user training consisting of thousands of hospital staff end-users, the company enlisted the help of TTA to develop a team of trainers strategically located throughout key regions of the United States.

Business Results

The company was able to successfully manage the increased demand in end-user training and fulfill its obligations to clients by speeding time-to-competency. With contract trainers located in strategic geographic regions, travel costs were virtually eliminated, resulting in lower costs to the company. TTA trainers continue to assist in the monthly training of hospital staff across the U.S. on the uses of this sophisticated communications device. Student evaluations and customer feedback remain at an all-time high.