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One of North America’s largest and most diverse financial services companies acquired 120 year old American financial services holding company. This strategic purchase positioned the resulting organization as the second largest financial brokerage firm in the industry, with more than $1.1 trillion in client assets, nearly 15,000 financial advisors and over 3,300 branch locations.

Business Problem

How to Train 4,800 Employees from Acquired Financial Services Company on Existing Financial Platform in over 700 Branch Locations.

The company had the dual challenge of converting system data from the acquired company’s platform to their own financial platform, as well as creating successful training events surrounding the rollout of the combined firm’s system.

The five-month project consisted of the delivery of a blended-learning solution to train 4,800 employees from the acquired financial institution, located in over 700 branch offices nationwide, on the firm’s platform. The blended-learning solution consisted of mandated, technology-enabled, pre and post-conversion training designed to accelerate adoption; followed by a 2-day Instructor-Led Training (ILT) course.

The e-learning conversion training comprised of twelve (12) one-hour courses which employees were required to complete one month prior to trainers arriving for on-site training.

Several months prior to project engagement, thirty-six (36) trainers from The Training Associates (TTA) assembled at the firm’s headquarters for a train-the-trainer (T3) event on the new platform. TTA trainers were also required to complete the same pre-conversion training as the employees, enabling them to arrive on-site with prior knowledge of employees’ existing skills and to better anticipate the need for targeted training surrounding comprehension.

TTA Solution

36 TTA Trainers Deliver a Blended Learning Solution to 120 Locations Weekly

Thirty-six TTA trainers delivered the pre and post conversion ILT portion of the blended-learning solution, aided by the firm’s ten staff trainers. The TTA project management team carefully choreographed the Instructor-Led Training portion of the total training solution to 120 geographically dispersed branch locations weekly, until project completion.

Business Results

The project was completed on schedule and under budget. The success of the system conversion training has allowed the firm to realize its objectives of improved operational efficiencies, continued high levels of customer service, and a simplified and unified platform for growth.