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Our client is one of America’s leading transportation companies operating the nation’s premier railroad franchises covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States.

The company partnered with The Training Associates to provide training resources and support for an initiative that included communication and leadership program tracks for front line supervisors and managers.

Business Problem

How to Train Thousands of Geographically Dispersed Employees

Upon review of the company’s mandate to train over 10,000 in 16 locations over 12 different states in several disciplines, our client realized that they did not possess the in-house resources to complete a project of this size and scope.

TTA Solution

Identify, Qualify and Deploy 16 Trainers Across the United States

TTA identified 16 resources and worked with client to implement best practices for the on-boarding process. TTA resources were strategically sourced in specific regions of the country to minimize travel costs. More than a dozen trainers were successfully deployed to train the client’s employees.

Business Results

TTA successfully trained 10,500 mid-level and front-line managers in all disciplines across all of the client’s locations over a 36-month period. The program was a complete success with our customer’s business units reporting a high return on investment.

Future Use

The client has subsequently contracted TTA to deliver both professional skills and technical training.