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This managed healthcare provider evolved from industrial health care programs for construction, shipyard, and steel mill workers during the late 1930s and 1940s. The provider made programs available for public enrollment in October, 1945. The organization that resulted, began at the height of the Great Depression with a single inventive young surgeon and a 12-bed hospital. Today, the healthcare giant has 8.6 million members, over 167 thousand employees, 14,000+ physicians and 40,000 nurses working in 35 hospitals and 431 medical offices across the U.S. As the company evolved, so too did its need to keep up with changes in technologies to support its growth, as well as its corporate strategies and initiatives.

Business Problem

How to Efficiently Train 2,000 Employees on New, Customized Insurance System

The company adopted a change to its insurance pricing strategies from community-based to experience-based. They soon realized that their existing system was ill-equipped to fulfill the requirements of this initiative. To adequately handle these changes, the company determined that it needed to invest in a new, customized system. Consequently, all 2,000 of the company’s sales and underwriting personnel in the state of California were required to be trained on the new system and processes.

TTA Solution

Five TTA Trainers Deployed to Train all Sales and Underwriting Personnel

TTA was engaged to provide the client with a team of trainers who had experience in sales, underwriting, and system implementation training. TTA identified and deployed five trainers who gave input into the system requirements, administered all training functions for beta tests, and facilitated both live web training and instructor-led (classroom) training. TTA and its trainer consultants demonstrated proven reliability and flexibility in delivering a training solution on a system that was in a constant state of change. TTA trainers worked closely with the development team to report and resolve issues that occurred during and after the facilitation process.

Business Results

All of the client’s personnel in the state of California received the required training on-schedule. TTA met the go-live date imposed by the client for the project. The client was able to successfully migrate to the new pricing policy and system with no interruptions in service or quality.