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Management Concepts is the nation’s premier provider of professional development, performance improvement, and talent management solutions for the public sector. Â Since 1973, the company has collaborated with and supported every major agency in the federal government and thousands of state and local government offices.

Business Problem

Management Concepts was in the final phase of a twelve-month training project for one of the company’s public sector clients. The last phase of the project involved completing the development portion of the 3D gaming simulation. With only one month until the project deadline, the company recognized it needed to add another qualified developer to work with the company’s existing resource to accelerate the development of the gaming component and to meet the company’s fast approaching deadline. The gamification software offering was a discontinued and obscure authoring tool, so finding an experienced developer familiar with the platform, within an extremely short timeframe presented a significant challenge. With the project deadline fast approaching, the company needed to find a learning professional to begin supporting the project team immediately.

Selection Process 

At first, Management Concepts contacted several public sector contacts at partnering companies for a resource recommendation. However, these organizations could not recommend any developers who possessed the unique software background required. After discussing the options further, The Training Associates (TTA) was recommended by an employee of the company has worked with the training talent and solutions provider in the past. Without hesitation, Management Concepts contacted TTA to discuss the project requirements and resource qualifications. TTA carefully reviewed the project details, and within a few days, identified the skilled professional to work on the project immediately validating the company’s decision to partner with TTA. The company was impressed with how quickly TTA was able to deliver an experienced professional for the obscure software, especially since there is only a handful located in the country.

TTA Solution

TTA provided Management Concepts with a learning talent solution. Based on TTA’s robust resources of highly skilled learning professionals, TTA delivered the qualified gaming developer to meet the company’s aggressive deadline and resource requirements. Since the developer had extensive experience with the software, the developer began working immediately as part of the team. The resource was able to quickly jump into each area of development to complete the necessary development phases. This was critical to the completion of the project, on-schedule.

Business Results

By utilizing TTA as a learning talent resource provider, Management Concepts was able to quickly onboard an experienced, niche software developer to meet their requirements. The company was able to save significant time and costs needed to locate the unique talent resource required to fulfill the scope and deadline of the project meeting their contractual obligations and client expectations. The amount of time saved by partnering with TTA was invaluable to us, said Tim George, Executive Director at Management Concepts. TTA identified the experienced learning resource quickly, so we could keep the project on schedule. By working with TTA, the company was able to provide learning talent to supplement their internal team and to condense the overall development timeline of the project.

Future Uses

Management Concepts will continue to partner with TTA to support future learning initiatives. TTA provides us the talent with the unique skill sets required to meet our client’s training requirements, said George. TTA’s qualified and skilled learning resources allow us to meet the varying needs of our clients. TTA has already done the hard work for us. By leveraging TTA for learning talent and solutions, Management Concepts is able to take advantage of an outsourcing model to fill their unique training requirements.