Podcast: Bring Out The Talent

We have launched a new podcast entitled, “Bring Out The Talent“. Tune in to hear from learning and development talent, partners, and clients on their innovative approaches and industry insights. In each episode, TTA’s CEO, Maria Melfa, and Talent Manager, Jocelyn Allen will chat with subject matter experts and bring you casual, yet insightful conversations. Maria and Jocelyn use their unique blend of industry experience and humor to interview the L&D industry’s most influential people, latest topics, and powerful stories. Each episode has important takeaways that will help to create a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

To help bring our podcast to life, we’ve partnered with MuddHouse Media. Muddhouse is a podcast network and production house, led by Emmy nominated, award-winning Hollywood producer Kris Meyer. Kris spent over 20 years in partnership with the Farrelly Brothers making some of the funniest movies of our time including, There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, Shallow Hal, Fever Pitch, and many more. Kris has assembled an incredibly talented and fun team to help produce high-quality podcasts.

Bring out the talent
Bring Out The Talent

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diversity in the workplace
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 8:

Diversity in the Workplace: An Empathetic Approach to Fostering Inclusion

September 13, 2021
Guest: Kisha Dixon, Training Leader, Public Speaker, Award-Winning Culture Change Agent, and a Senior TTA Learning Consultant

In this episode of “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with Kisha Dixon an award-winning Culture Change Agent and Senior TTA Learning Consultant. In this powerful conversation, Kisha discusses diversity and how it has evolved over the years. Kisha also shares effective ways leaders can use empathy to address unconscious and implicit bias in the workplace, what a successful diversity program looks like, how organizations can ensure long-lasting program effectiveness, the advantages of remote diversity programs, and ways to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion with colleagues who maybe don’t understand its importance. Tune in for a deeper dive into diversity awareness and discover how you can become a powerful force for positive change in your workplace. Listen now or read the transcript.

benefits of adaptive learning
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 7:

Adaptive Learning: A Personalized Learning Approach

August 30, 2021
Guest: Joe Barrow, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Area9 Lyceum

In this episode of “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with Joe Barrow the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Area9 Lyceum. Joe, with his 25+ years of L&D experience, discusses the importance of personalized and adaptive learning. Joe shares the benefits of adaptive learning and why many organizations are adopting it. He also discusses key issues organizations should consider before adopting an adaptive learning platform, best practices to consider before a deployment, and how to measure success. Tune into this episode to discover how you can provide four-dimensional learning for the 21st century. Listen now or read the transcript.

getting comfortable with change
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 6:

Get Comfortable With Change

August 16, 2021
Guest: Anne Bonney – International keynote speaker, trainer, best-selling author, and experienced leadership workshop facilitator

In this episode of “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with Anne Bonney, an international keynote speaker, trainer, best-selling author of “GET OVER IT!”, podcast host of “Ignite Your Influence,” and an experienced leadership workshop facilitator. Anne will discuss the important (yet sometimes daunting) aspect of how to manage change. Anne shares ways to get buy-in from the top down, how to handle resistance to change, how to make lasting change, and how to address change management in an unstable time. Anne’s vibrant and energetic personality will captivate you as she fires up listeners and inspires you to communicate better, charge up your EQ, and embrace the challenges that transition brings. Listen now or read the transcript.

laughter in the workplace
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 5:

The Power of Laughter in the Workplace

August 2, 2021
Guest: David Horning – Speaker, Consultant, Comedian, and Founder of Water Cooler Comedy

In this episode of, “Bring Out The Talent,” we speak with David Horning, speaker, comedian, and founder of the hilarious “Water Cooler Comedy.” David will discuss how humor can be used as a powerful tool to inspire happiness, ignite creativity, boost productivity, and promote a collaborative workplace culture. He will also chat about ways that leaders can effectively use humor in the workplace, four types of humor that leaders will find effective in managing workplace culture, and what types of humor to avoid. Tune into this episode to discover how you can capitalize on the power of humor in your workplace! Listen now or read the transcript.

Resilency Podcast
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 4:

Resiliency and A Winning Mindset

July 19, 2021
Guest: Laura Eiman

In this episode of, “Bring Out The Talent”, we will be talking with Laura Eiman, a 67-year-old gold medal Olympic weightlifter, a Navy SEAL certified Mental Toughness Coach, and a Resiliency Expert. Laura will share her inspirational story on how she went from a life of dysfunction to becoming an Olympic gold medal winner in her 60’s by developing a mentally tough and resilient mindset. Laura discusses how anyone can achieve their goals by developing habits, deleting toxic emotions, and learning how to approach each day with a “solution-based” mindset. Laura is an ordinary woman now doing extraordinary things because she got mentally tough. Listen now or read the transcript.

Dr. Dennis Rebelo - Episode 3
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 3:

Storypathing: The Importance of Crafting Your Narrative

July 5, 2021
Guest: Dr. Dennis Rebelo

In this episode of, “Bring Out The Talent.” we will be talking with Dr. Dennis Rebelo, a professor, speaker, career coach, former President of Alex and Ani University, and author of “Story Like You Mean It”. Dr. Rebelo will share the meaning of storypathing, the importance of crafting your narrative, how storypathing can strengthen an organization, how employees can create and develop their stories to overcome obstacles and showcase their authentic selves, how to measure storypathing success, and so much more. Listen now!

Leading with Structure Podcast
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 2:

Leadership: Leading With Structure and Substance

June 20th, 2021
Guest: Bruce Tulgan

In this episode of, “Bring Out The Talent.” we will be talking to Bruce Tulgan, founder and CEO of Rainmaker Thinking and Leadership Expert. Bruce will share his insights on the biggest challenges leaders face today, the under-management epidemic, tips for creating highly engaged leaders, what leadership methodologies have stood the test of time and which have evolved, and so much more. Listen now and read the transcript.

origins of TTA Podcast
Bring Out The Talent

Episode 1:

Origins of TTA: How It All Began

June 7th, 2021
Guest: Maria Melfa

In this opening episode of, “Bring Out The Talent.” we kick off our series with Maria Melfa, President and CEO of TTA. Maria begins our series by sharing the origins of TTA, what it’s like working with family, how the learning and development industry has changed over nearly three decades, the importance of company culture, funny stories from along the way, and so much more. Listen now and read the transcript.

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