Podcast Summary:
Beyond Just Bricks: Unleashing Potential with Lego Serious Play

Podcast Summary

Playful Workplace: Unlocking Creativity With Legos

Maria, Jocelyn Allen, and Lynn explored the concept of using play in the workplace, specifically through Lego Serious Play, to unlock creativity and foster collaboration. Lynn, an experienced facilitator, shared her journey and the benefits of using Legos in her work. The conversation highlighted the potential benefits of this innovative approach to adult learning and development.

Lego Serious Play for Client Engagement

Lynn discussed the use of Lego Serious Play with clients, emphasizing the importance of understanding the client’s specific objectives and budget. The process involves breaking into segments, starting with a brief introduction of the methodology and warm-up activities, followed by building and sharing models related to the session’s topic. Lynn, Maria, and Jocelyn discussed the benefits of using Lego sets as a tool for engagement and collaboration, highlighting their potential to enhance learning and inclusivity within companies. They also shared insights on how the methodology can be used in the corporate environment and its benefits, such as enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, and understanding of meaning and connections.

Lego Serious Play for Career Development

Lynn shared her experience of using Lego Serious Play to help a recently laid-off CFO develop models to represent his current and future identities, which ultimately helped him secure a new job. The team discussed the benefits of this method, which involves creating physical models to represent abstract concepts. They highlighted its value in engaging multiple senses, facilitating instant gratification, enhancing emotional intelligence, and providing a collaborative platform. The team agreed to experiment with a variation of Lego Serious Play, humorously referred to as “TTA 1010 final questions”. Lynn suggested that technology could be used to adapt the method for virtual settings, such as sending Lego Serious Play kits to individuals in different locations.

Lego Serious Play and Creativity

Jocelyn led a playful discussion with Lynn and Maria, which included light-hearted responses about various topics and a Lego building challenge judged by David Yas from pod617.com. David shared a personal story about his experience with Legos, emphasizing the importance of learning through Lego serious play, a method taught by Lynn, in enhancing communication skills. The discussion concluded with the group expressing awe at David’s creativity and unique perspective on the world, as seen through Legos.

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