TTA can support your product and software training at any step in your supply chain model.


Channel Training

TTA can help you effectively enable your channel partners. This may involve sales enablement, product launches, or the onboarding of new partners. With training demand fluctuating greatly around these scenarios, an outsourced training model provides a flexible, on-demand solution that reduces fixed staffing costs. Our clients who have successfully enabled their channel partners have experienced the following benefits:

  • Increased channel sales
  • Fully enabled end customers
  • Reduced support calls
  • Increased focus on their product
  • Improved satisfaction and retention
Organizations We've Helped

With Product and Software Training

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Significantly Increases Customer Satisfaction

With Customer Training

Effective customer training on software or complex products has many important benefits that impact the bottom line. Whether you’re a system integrator looking to offer training to create a new revenue stream and improve client satisfaction or a software company needing to scale training operations due to new products or acquisitions, TTA has the talent and experience to help implement the ideal custom training solution. Whether you’re looking for a partner to supplement your existing team or you’re looking to build your training program from the ground up, TTA is here to help.

software training
We Are Here to Help With

Product and Software Training

    • Greater client satisfaction expressed through direct feedback and NPS (net promoter score)
    • Reduced support calls
    • An additional revenue stream with minimal burden
    • Increased sales volume of core products
    • Optimized utilization of staff through use of contract learning professionals for surges
    • Avoidance of training backlogs
    • Ability to rapidly expand and contract training operations as needed to meet demand
    • Expert guidance surrounding your train-the-trainer approach and talent retention
    • Immediate access to the skills and geographic coverage of TTA’s global learning talent network


TTA Has The

Talent, Resources, And Experience


You need to support your product or software training at any step of the process.

A Few

Product and Software Training Success Stories


After Sprint acquired 500 Radio Shack storefronts, Sprint needed to train and onboard over 10,000 employees in 500 lcations, which drove the need to find facilitators to deliver this large training initiative.

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Allied needed help scaling their training program in order to train hundreds of users on their new electronic tracking system to keep up with demand and compliance regulations.

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Volvo was tasked with implementing a new CRM system across the company’s 600+ dealerships throughout the United States and Canada.

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Product and Software Training Successful