Mastering Stress and Improving Resilience During Times of Adversity

mastering stress webinar

STRESS!! It’s a key driver of all aspects of your mental health. This webinar provides a practical framework and training pathway to measure and master stress, negativity and resilience. It focuses on the most recent evidence of what it takes to wire your brain’s optimal effectiveness. How can we begin to reframe, and master, stress to build resilience and improve your personal and work life? It also explores the employer’s role in helping to enhance stress mastery and boost resilience. We will discuss these very topics with Dr. Evian Gordon, MD, PhD – Founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer at Total Brain and Founder of the largest international database on the human brain.


HR Leaders, Wellness and Benefits Managers and Talent Development Leaders interested in understanding the impact of stress on mental health and performance, how to better manage stress, and ways to monitor and support your workforce in stressful times.

Key take-aways:

  • Identify the impact stress has on the core brain capacities that define mental health
  • Develop “in the moment” training to switch from a safety first, fight/flight state, to a calm, flexible stat
  • Define resilience and understand the key factors to bounce back from adversity
  • Identify what employers can do to help their workers reduce stress and improve resilience