Becky Gendron is the Website and Social Media Manager who works in TTA’s Marketing department to create, publish, and measure the results of content for both the website and social media.

Becky has over ten years of experience in various marketing functions which she loves to use on a regular basis and share her knowledge with her colleagues.

Becky enjoys trying and learning new things in both her professional and personal life and is thrilled to be a part of an industry that supports continuous learning and growth.

Becky feels one of the best things about working in marketing is that is always changing, and no two days are ever the same.  If given the opportunity to go into a different career, it would be some form of animal care as I’m passionate about animals and my pets.

Becky lives at home with her husband and two dogs, Dottie and Daisy. She enjoys traveling, being outdoors, a really good pizza, and the hot summer days.

Get To Know Becky

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