Elise Audette is a Technical Solutions Specialist who works with the IT team to support development efforts by helping to manage internal projects, testing, and documentation. Elise is proud to be at TTA and work with a great team to make things happen.

Elise has worked in the tech industry for about 5 years in various capacities, from QA Engineer to Partner Experience Manager. She is excited to branch out into a new industry and help to create really exciting and innovative software.

If Elise was to choose another occupation she would go into interior design.  If she was ever stranded on a deserted island, she would definitely bring a cat (preferably two cats if possible), a really big book, her SodaStream, and sunscreen with SPF 10,0000.

Elise lives at home with her husband and their two cats. She loves to knit, read, collect cat figurines and houseplants, and yell at Boston Bruins games on TV.

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