John Laverdure is the Director of Learning Solutions who works with TTA’s clients to help them effectively address their various learning requirements. John is proud of the work he does since it positively impacts so many organizations and learners.

John is a Certified Professional in Training Management with advanced training in needs assessment and learning evaluation. John feels that working in L&D and hearing feedback from stakeholders and individual learners about how our learning solutions have helped them is incredibly gratifying.

John’s motivation stems primarily from my family and the gratification I experience from connecting with new, talented people every day.

John enjoys spending time with his children, often being a big kid himself. If John was ever stranded on a deserted island he would bring a helicopter, plenty of gas, and a Snickers bar. Also, Bailey, John’s loyal dog, can reliably be found at his feet or leaning against him at any given moment.

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John's Kids