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Since its establishment in 1999, Training Camp has focused its business on enabling personal and organizational achievement through effective, efficient information technology education. The company’s motto, Together, we will change the way people learn, demonstrates Training Camp’s commitment to serving customer-centric educational solutions that deliver unparalleled value to their students and those firms that employ them. Training Camp is the recognized leader in providing accelerated learning courses that offer information technology and business professionals rapid skills transfer and accelerated time to competency.

Business Problem

Training Camp has a dedicated team of staff trainers who are responsible for training clients on the company’s core course offerings, including authorized technical training classes for Microsoft, Cisco, PMP, etc. This fundamental training team consistently provides quality training to fulfill course schedules and to meet client training requirements on a regular basis. However, Training Camp was challenged with having available trainers to support the ad hoc requests for obscure course topics, last-minute training needs, and increased demand for on-site client training because their trainers were already assigned to other training projects. With the unexpected training requests occurring more frequently, Training Camp needed to support the current team without adding additional full-time resources and overhead costs. The company’s business decision was to leverage a learning provider for staff augmentation to provide training talent and services, to meet increased or unexpected demands.

Selection Process 

Choosing the right learning provider was important to building a long-term partnership for Training Camp. The learning provider would serve as an extension of their business, providing training delivery and driving reliable business results. The Training Associates (TTA) proved to be a valuable learning partner for the company based on TTA’s expertise in the industry for delivering highly qualified learning talent and exceptional service delivery. The consistent performance and involvement of the training professionals is why I rely on TTA to provide us with learning talent said Jeff Porch, Vice President of Educational Services at Training Camp. TTA is always able to fulfill my requests for highly talented learning professionals who are passionate about training fast.

TTA Solution 

The TTA solution includes instructor-led training (ILT) and logistics management. Leveraging TTA’s’ vast network of highly qualified training professionals, TTA provides Training Camp with the right’ learning talent to meet the company’s resource skill requirement and timeframe to fill any last minute training request or unique course topic. TTA also provides turnkey solutions, providing valuable ease of doing business. TTA’s training delivery solution is designed to align with the company’s business model. Whether Training Camp needs a trainer for one class or an entire team of trainers for several weeks, TTA promptly provides the dedicated and qualified resources to augment their existing staff. TTA supports the company from beginning to end and is there every step of the way to deliver exceptional training delivery services and support. By working with TTA over the years, the company is able to select from a committed team of training professionals who have acclimated into the company culture to support seamlessly Training Camp’s various clients.

Business Results

Over the past nine years, Training Camp has relied on TTA to support its various learning initiatives. This ongoing partnership adds significant value to the company’s training delivery model by leveraging TTA’s on-demand learning talent and solutions saving the company both time and money. TTA makes my job easier by promptly providing talented, dedicated learning professionals to meet our client’s training needs and to drive continued business results, said Porch. The partnership with TTA provides the company with an experienced learning provider that delivers subject matter expert trainers to promptly fulfill training schedules and client requests without having the fixed overhead of having additional resources on staff. TTA trainers really amaze me by how invested they are in the success of each class, stated Porch. The training professionals represent our company’s values and help to drive sales for our business.

Future Uses

Training Camp continues to partner with TTA for learning talent and services. The partnership model has proven to be successful and rewarding over the years. TTA serves as an extension of our business said, Porch. The trainers complement our training team and serve as an extended training department for us.