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Zensar Technologies is a technology partner of choice for global organizations looking to strategically transform, grow, and lead in today’s challenging business environment. The company is backed by a strong track-record of innovation, with nearly 6,500 associates and a footprint in more than 20 global locations, Zensar’s comprehensive range of software services and solutions enable its 400+ forward-looking customers to cross new thresholds of business performance. With their vision to transform partners to global corporations, Zensar’s mission is clear – to leverage technology and processes to help customers attain their goals.

Business Problem

In 2010, Zensar Technologies acquired Akibia Inc., and formed a global delivery platform to provide best in class infrastructure management services around the world. Critical to the company’s business standards for excellence, over 95% of the parent company’s employees were certified on the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world – ITIL certification.

In order to comply with the new certification requirement, Akibia needed to provide ITIL certification training to their internal employees. With one dedicated internal training resource and a limited training budget, the company needed to find an external resource to deliver the specialized training — fast. “There was no alternative solution if the training was unsuccessful,” said Jack Tisdale, Global Manager Training and Development at Zensar Technologies (formerly Akibia). “We did not have the budget to provide the training again.”

Selection Process

Without hesitation, the company immediately contacted The Training Associates (TTA). Based on their positive experience working with TTA to deliver technology product training, the company knew they could rely on TTA to provide training talent and solutions for this important corporate training certification project. Everyone involved in the decision concluded that TTA had the vast resources and training delivery expertise to deliver the desired results.

“We knew we could count on TTA to deliver the highly qualified training professionals skilled in delivering the ITIL certification,” said Tisdale. “Based on our past experience working with TTA, we knew we did not have to worry about a thing.”

TTA Solution

TTA delivered an end-to-end training delivery solution that included a needs assessment of training requirements, training delivery, courseware, test vouchers, and proctor. Understanding the specific certification requirements needed for this training engagement, TTA quickly identified an expert ITIL trainer by leveraging TTA’s best in class network of training professionals. TTA deployed the trainer to conduct an intense three-day, instructor-led ITIL certification training class. The learners consisted of a mix of employees, ranging from call center support representatives to managers, so an analysis of the training was conducted to ensure the training met all the different learning needs of all employees. “There was a lot on the line here to train and certify our employees,” said Tisdale. “With a limited budget there was no room for failure. I knew TTA would deliver the best training results.”

Business Results

The training results surpassed the company’s expectation for ITIL training results. The employees who attended the training classes were all successfully trained – achieving a 100% certification rate. The company was able to deliver unanimous training adoption and certification – on time and within budget. In addition, the impressive training results paved the way for a high standard of excellence for future employees to achieve. “The ITIL training course is extremely comprehensive and intense,” said Tisdale. “For a trainer to teach the class and deliver a 100% certification passing rate is impressive. I can always count on TTA to deliver highly qualified training experts.”

Future Uses

Zensar Technologies will be using TTA to continue ITIL certification in additional US locations. Further, the company is considering using TTA for their various additional training needs including upcoming business skills training. “It’s all about getting the right instructor, not any instructor,” said Tisdale. “When you only have one chance to get training done right, TTA is your trusted provider.”