The Benefits of Using a Customized Virtual Training Lab

🕑 3 minutes read | Dec 28 2020 | By Becky Gendron

It goes without saying that virtual training labs combine the best of technology with cloud-based functionality to deliver an interactive hands-on learning environment for learners. What could be better for a learner, especially someone who needs to understand complex software applications or perform technical exercises? The learner gets the advantage of hands-on practice on software in a pre-configured non-production environment without the risk of doing anything harmful to an organization’s actual production environment. Virtual training labs offer other benefits, including lower training costs, scalability, and post-class access to content.[i]

What About a Customized Virtual Training Lab?

One of our global clients, headquartered in Boston, was preparing to deliver a comprehensive technical training program for learners at one of their European offices. Rather than use an off-the-shelf virtual training lab, which involved a significant investment for the one-time training event and risk of not providing the customized training needed, TTA developed a customized virtual training lab. Our network administrator and technical mastermind behind it all, Michael Aguirre, explained what went behind the building of the virtual training lab for this training project.

Here’s a quick breakdown of it:

  • The cloud infrastructure was built in the US, with a data center located on the east coast
  • Program design was completed in less than three weeks
  • Each training computer comprised of three servers
  • Over 60 servers were copied in just hours to create the virtual training lab environment
  • The virtual lab was easily deployed to the global region using Amazon Web Services
  • Training consisted of ten different technical courses supported by onsite facilitation

Five Benefits of a Customized Virtual Training Lab

So why use your own virtual training lab? Here are some reasons why our client took advantage of it:

1) Designed the Way You Need It – Most virtual training labs are pre-made, which limits functionality and does not allow for customization based on your training needs

2) Easily Replicated – By using the cloud, the virtual training environment is easily duplicated and ready for other training deployments, regardless of location. Within minutes, you have a fully functioning virtual program ready for your next training cohort.

3) Cost-effective Solution – You save money by only paying for what you use. By leveraging the power of the cloud, with a few clicks, your network or training administrator can easily turn the lab on and off as needed. It also provides the flexibility to deploy it to learners at home or in the office, instead of going onsite to a vendor for training.

4) Flexible to Meet Different Technology Standards – Technology standards can differ depending on the country, so course materials and other modifications can be easily changed to meet requirements

5) One-Click Recovery – It’s possible that a learner can shut down even a virtual training lab environment (this did happen) but it can be restored within minutes from the administrator (even if located thousands of miles away)

Using the power of a virtual training lab allows you to expand your technology footprint while leveraging the cloud for a variety of benefits. A customized virtual training lab takes it one step further and offers a hands-on learning environment while meeting your unique training needs – this is where the magic begins.

“This was an exciting opportunity to build a customized virtual training lab for our client, so it would meet their unique global training needs and be easily replicated to support their on-going training program, regardless of location,” said Michael Aguirre, Network Administrator at TTA.

[i] 4 Software Training Use Cases for Virtual Training Labs

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