Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training

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Develop Self-Awareness with Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence is one of the top ten soft skills that is most important in the workplace today.

TTA’s Emotional Intelligence Training (EI) solutions will give your employees the essential skills that are needed to improve work relationships, self-awareness, conflict resolution skills, and their decision-making process.

When you partner with TTA we will work with you to determine whether an off the shelf option is best or to develop a custom solution. By enhancing emotional intelligence in your organization, employees will gain an increased awareness of their own emotions which leads to the ability to better manage their emotions, decision making process, and influence others.

Employees Will Be Enabled To:

  • Modify their behaviors
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Cultivate soft skills
  • Improve decision making
  • Understand the needs of others
  • Influence Behaviors

With TTA’s adaptive workforce of learning & development experts we can provide your organization a tailored, scalable emotional intelligence training solution that will support an effective and engaging learner experience. Investing emotional intelligence training for your employees will encourage a positive culture, employee engagement, and have an impact on your overall bottom line. Contact TTA to find out more about our training solutions.

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