Large-Scale Training Rollouts

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You’ve probably had many sleepless nights thinking about the detailed plans, implementation steps, and resources needed to get it all done.

Whether your program is a result of a merger or acquisition, new technology, product offering, global workforce training effort, or other mission-critical initiative — training and end-user adoption is a critical part of it. How you deliver the training is just as important.

Engage the Modern Learner

With training offered in over 18 different training methods today, how do you decide what is the most efficient and effective training to use?

Measuring Training Effectiveness


Training programs delivered through at least one preferred training method are 50% more likely to be effective.[i]

Learners’ needs vary and there’s complexity across learner preferences for training. We’ll walk you through the different training best practices and blend the right training modalities, to ensure your learners will be engaged and apply the what they learned in real time.

The Journey of a Learner

3 Important Stages:


The learner prepares for training by using a variety of different training approaches, like assessments, flipped classroom, and microlearning. This is a great way to leverage technology.


The modern classroom combines the best of media, technology, and instructor-led training to create an interactive, hybrid virtual/live delivery environment – paving the way to a better learning experience.


The learner experience continues with on-the-job training reinforcement from cohort collaboration, performance support, and reference materials.

We Take the Complex and Make It Seamless

Every detail is important. We understand the complexities that go into an enterprise-wide training rollout, like selecting the right qualified training talent, schedules, training logistics, train-the-trainer delivery, deployment strategies, and learner engagement best practices.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, deliver successful large-scale learning programs. Our expert team of project managers, trainers, and facilitators work with you to plan and deliver effective training for hundreds or thousands of employees.

Our experience managing large training projects and global team of L&D talent offers you reduced time-to-training and ensures that there is no disruption to your business.

It’s Not Our First Rodeo

It is no coincidence that some of the largest companies and consulting firms rely on us to be an extension of their training team.

• 25 years of experience and focus on training services
• Largest network of industry and training experts
• Award-winning, large-scale training rollout success

Morgan Stanley

Following one of the largest financial services merger and acquisition, trained tens of thousands of employees on a new platform, making a newly unified company stronger

  • 26,000 employees trained on new technology platform
  • Instructor-led training, coaching, and reinforcement training
  • 12,000 locations
  • 500 trainers selected and deployed
  • 2-week Train-The-Trainer
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Global training delivered virtually with no disruption to customer service

  • 25,000 employees trained on Google App
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • 300 virtual instructor-led sessions held around the clock
  • 12 countries
  • 7 languages
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Trainer Readiness to Build Your Training Force

When you need to quickly ramp up a team of trainers, we’re here to deliver experts to quickly master the new information and deliver the training for your project and to train your trainers. We can build a lineup of trainers with no down time to your team. We’ll identify the right trainers with the skills you need and together we’ll bring a unified training experience to your learners.

Crazy Attention to Detail

We work with you from the beginning project stages to the end – to support your team as you launch a new system, product, business process or procedure. Our clients tell us that it’s our meticulous planning, project knowledge, large team of training experts, and experienced project managers that make us a valued partner.