LMS (Learning Management System) Administration


Ensure Your LMS (Learning Management System) Has the Proper Administration to Succeed

An efficient Learning Management System (LMS) is a crucial component of your company’s overall learning strategy. An LMS has many functionalities including, delivering engaging content for employees and tracking user results. TTA will help you deliver on these results by supplying LMS Administrators who can manage a variety of LMS platforms through daily organizational and learner support. TTA helps ensure that your LMS is operating correctly by improving your organization’s LMS operations, resolving functionality issues, enforcing a quality of standards and working with your SME to assemble courses and tests.

Additional Benefits:
  • Project Management
  • Technical Acumen
  • Survey & Evaluation Systems
  • Continuous user & implementation support

Supplying your organization with a fully functional LMS will save you time and money, and streamline the training management process for each instructor while assuring the consistency of the trainers’ performance.

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