InSync Training & The Training Associates Forge Strategic Partnership

By Becky Gendron | 16 May 2024
Moving Ahead to Elevate Global Learning and Development

Marlborough, MA – May 16, 2024 – InSync Training and The Training Associates (TTA) are proud to announce a strategic partnership that unites two leaders in the learning and development (L&D) sector. Both firms, celebrated for their commitment to excellence and innovation in education, are certified women-owned businesses poised to deliver a comprehensive suite of learning solutions on a global scale.

This collaboration leverages InSync Training’s distinguished dedication to creating custom, learner-centric virtual training experiences and TTA’s vast experience coupled with award-winning leadership in providing L&D talent and solutions. By joining forces, InSync and TTA will offer an expanded portfolio of services, including strategic learning design, technology training, full-time placement, and more, designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations worldwide.

“This strategic partnership between InSync Training and TTA (The Training Associates) is a collaboration that not only marks a pivotal moment in the learning and development sector, as the global hybrid workforce becomes more ubiquitous but also strengthens our global outreach,” said Karen Vieth, President and CEO of InSync Training. “Our combined expertise will deliver unparalleled services that meet the nuanced needs of a diverse, global workforce. This alliance underscores our dedication to excellence in learning and development, ensuring that our clients around the world benefit from tailored, impactful learning experiences designed to catalyze growth and drive organizational success in the hybrid economy.”

Key benefits of this partnership include:

  • Leveraging Combined Expertise: Enhanced hybrid learning solutions that are both effective and scalable.
  • Expanding Service Offerings: An expanded portfolio of learning services to tackle any training need.
  • Global Reach with a Personal Touch: Extending both companies’ global reach while maintaining a boutique approach to quality and customization.
  • Award-Winning Excellence Together: A union of strengths recognized by Training Industry, Brandon Hall, and more, promising award-winning training solutions.
  • Cementing Leadership in Learning and Development: Setting new standards for impactful, innovative training solutions tailored to contemporary workforce needs.

“We are thrilled about this exciting new partnership with InSync Training. Combining our strengths allows us to deliver even greater value to our clients, empowering them with the ability to quickly scale, with innovative solutions tailored to their unique learning goals,” said Maria Melfa, President and CEO of TTA. “Together, we look forward to extending our global impact, driving growth, and fostering success in today’s dynamic learning environment.”

About InSync Training

At InSync Training, we fuse research-backed methods with professional expertise to craft learner-centric virtual training experiences. We’re not about one-size-fits-all; our boutique approach focuses on quality and genuine care, ensuring content that resonates and fosters genuine behavior change. From small businesses to large corporations, our scalable, holistic services manage everything from course creation to program management to go-live delivery. Unlike broad-spectrum competitors, we’re specialists in virtual training strategy, meeting your needs for seamless, compelling content, expert facilitators, and unwavering support. Women-owned and managed since 2000, InSync is dedicated to providing boutique-scale solutions with a global reach. For more, visit

About TTA (The Training Associates)

TTA is the leading provider of expert learning and development talent and solutions. We specialize in supporting companies of all sizes, including those in the Fortune 500 with their transformational training initiatives. These initiatives cover a range of areas, such as leadership and professional development, as well as technology implementation training, spanning across all aspects of people and organizational development. Our network, consisting of thousands of top-tier L&D professionals, are the best in their field. They are passionate about what they do and bring years of experience, best practices, and fresh perspectives to help organizations achieve their learning goals on time and within budget. Our clients’ trust and support have helped us achieve over 80 industry awards, including being named a Training Industry Top 20 Learning Services company for over 13 years. To learn more about TTA visit:

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