• Blount Fine Foods was looking to fill the roles of E-Learning Content Developer and 2nd Shift Learning Supervisor.​
  • Both candidates needed to have the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment and train and develop new employees.​
  • Blount needed a partner that could identify candidates that met technical requirements as well as seamlessly blend into their culture.


  • TTA met with the Lead HR Generalist and Hiring Manager to gain an understanding of the qualifications and experience Blount Fine Foods was looking for.​
  • TTA utilized its network to identify niche places to recruit candidates with this experience and background ​
  • TTA interviewed candidates on specific questions to drill down into both technical fit for the role and culture fit at Blount​
  • TTA successfully presented candidates that Blount was pleased with and filled both roles in just a 3-5-week timeframe


  • TTA provided Blount Fine Foods with an E-Learning Content Developer and 2nd Shift Supervisor with the exact skills, expertise, and culture fit that they were looking for:

    E-Learning Content Developer

    • Talent is highly skilled in project management, organizational learning and development, strategic planning, LMS, and EPM implementation and administration.

    2nd Shift Learning Supervisor

    • Talent is highly proficient in training & development in a variety of industries, specializing in onboarding and on-the-job training.
    • Experience training in both individual and group environments.
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