Diversity and Inclusion Training

Creating a Lasting Impact in the Workplace


A Step in The Right Direction

Whether you’re looking to improve upon your current diversity and inclusion plan, or looking to start from scratch, TTA has the solution for you. We’ll work together with you to create a plan that maps to the unique needs of your organization and help you on your journey to full inclusivity.

We understand the challenges that come with sensitive training topics and we have the skills and resources necessary to make your diversity and inclusion training a success.

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Authenticity is Key

The number one downfall with most diversity and inclusion programs is lack of authenticity. Using hypothetical or inauthentic scenarios in training can actually reinforce stereotypes rather than overcome them, as the scenarios lack dimension and human complexity. TTA will help design a training program that utilizes authentic scenarios, helps learners reflect on experiences they’ve had, and better understand the experiences of their peers.

Create a lasting impact at your organization by utilizing authentic content

Building Authentic Content

TTA can help you effectively train your team on creating a more inclusive workplace. Using real-life situations in your diversity and inclusion training will help keep learners engaged and create a longer lasting impact on the organization. The key to incorporating authentic scenarios that resonate with learners is by asking five key questions.

  1. Does it incorporate multiple points of view?
  2. Is the context relatable for learners?
  3. Is it plausible?
  4. Does it have an emotional impact on learners?
  5. Are the consequences of the scenario realistic?

Designing Your Training for Empathy

A key component in any diversity and inclusion training is designing the content for empathy.

Empathy for Others

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Awareness for Others

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Talent

Selecting the right training talent is so important when delivering diversity and inclusion training. It takes a unique skill set which combines subject matter expertise with the appropriate amount of empathy when training on such a sensitive topic.

The good news is, TTA has the right talent for you. Our trainers have been extensively vetted and have the experience to back up their skill set. We have the talent, skills, and resources to make your diversity and inclusion training a success.

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