Training Delivery


Providing a Variety of Training Delivery Methods

Each training delivery method provides a different learning experience, which is why selecting the correct method is critical. Implementing an excellent training program is cost-effective for an organization, and provides the most effective information in an ideal learning environment.

We realize that it takes serious effort to craft the most ideal training program that actually works for your organization. Therefore, selecting one that sticks in your employee’s mind long-term is the goal. Taking into account your learner’s needs and styles are very important when choosing an efficient training and delivery method. Whether your organization is looking to sharpen employees skills or circulate new knowledge around the office, we can help you choose the right delivery method.

TTA has a vast selection of training delivery methods and can help you select the modality that best fits your organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s web-based training, instructor-led training, classroom training, small groups, group discussions, or role-playing, we have you covered. An otherwise effective training program will fail due to poor delivery, which is why we are constantly working with you. We help define your learning goals and create the type of delivery method that is custom designed for your organization.

Some of the most popular training delivery methods that TTA has to offer include:

vILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)

Hybrid ILT (Instructor-Led Training)


One-on-One Coaching

Training delivery is one of the most important pieces of any training program. Contact TTA today to learn more.

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