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Grow Your Organizational Culture with Implicit Bias Training

Implicit bias. What is it, exactly? That’s a question that people ask themselves when they hear those words. Implicit bias, or unconscious bias, is the thoughts and feelings we have in an unconscious and unaware state that affect – positively or negatively – our actions and attitudes towards people or stereotypes. These biases are developed from a foundation of factors, ranging from childhood experiences to the people we are in repeated contact with.

Due to these different experiences and varying cultural backgrounds, we all harbor implicit bias. The positive news is that increased bias awareness training can aid in developing an inclusive culture that helps to cut down on the amount of bias. A lack of training can have severe negative impacts on the culture of your organization and its reputation. That is why TTA provides exceptional implicit bias training that ensures your organization is receiving the most effective training strategy. We realize that implicit bias training results don’t happen overnight, and a continued repeat effort is the most effective way to obtain a successful training program. Our expert trainers make sure that a safe training environment is created to encourage interaction and trust, as well as make the learners aware of their implicit biases.

Participating in Implicit Bias Training Can Help the Members of Your Organization:
  • Understand how and why unconscious bias exists
  • Identify their own unconscious biases
  • Have increased awareness on how to push their bias aside while making decisions
  • Recognize the negative impact that bias has on an organization

Overcoming unconscious bias can be a great challenge for any organization. A great first step is acknowledging that if bias is not dealt with correctly, it can be a huge risk for your organization. Deciding to train on implicit bias is a great next step. TTA offers a wide variety of courses to educate and build awareness on unconscious bias training and how to deal with it.

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