TTA launches podcast, “Bring Out the Talent” In Partnership with MuddHouse Media on June 7th, 2021

By admin | 07 Jun 2021

June 7, 2021 – TTA is excited to announce the launch of their new podcast, “Bring Out the Talent”, where TTA’s CEO, Maria Melfa, and Talent Manager, Jocelyn Allen with chat with subject matter experts and host casual, yet insightful conversations.

The podcast will go out twice a month and will feature learning and development talent, partners, and clients on their innovative approaches and industry insights. Each week, Maria and Jocelyn will use their unique blend of industry experience and humor to interview the L&D industry’s most influential people, latest topics, and powerful stories. Each episode has important takeaways that will help to create a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

“We are so excited about the release of our podcast, “Bring Out the Talent”. Our learning and development talent network consist of such superstars that we are excited to share their stories and innovative approaches. We are looking forward to bringing out their talent and providing an inside look into their services and solutions.” – Maria Melfa, President & CEO, TTA<

Bring Out the Talent launches June 7th and will be available on all major streaming platforms (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandoro, Amazon, and others). We hope you will all tune in as we Bring Out the Talent!

To help bring our podcast to life, we’ve partnered with MuddHouse Media. Muddhouse is a podcast network and production house, led by Emmy nominated, award-winning Hollywood producer Kris Meyer. Kris spent over 20 years in partnership with the Farrelly Brothers making some of the funniest movies of our time including, There’s Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, Shallow Hal, Fever Pitch, and many more. Kris has assembled an incredibly talented and fun team to help produce high-quality podcasts.

Listen to our latest podcasts here.

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