Leadership Success Story


Flexco’s Transformative Leadership Development Journey

In support of Flexco’s focus on Investing in People First and developing a leadership pipeline, Flexco’s training team strategized how to create a leadership program that met their organizational goals in the timeframe needed by the business. Flexco’s small training team found learning and development partners to be a strategic resource because of the aggressive development requirements, the ability to bring best practices, and specialty expertise.

Collaborating with partners to gain the skills and temporary staff needed was important for the overall success of Flexco’s project. By working closely with several L&D partners, including TTA, strategic decisions, and best practices were established for the program, including support for LMS implementation, learning strategy, project management, and identifying facilitators. With a team of internal experts and external L&D partners, including TTA, Flexco successfully designed and implemented a breakthrough leadership development initiative, The Leading Others Program.