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Nine Formative Evaluation Techniques to Build Effective Learning Solutions

When you download this webinar you will find:

  • The webinar recording
  • Nine Formative Evaluation Map
  • Formative Evaluation Intervention Summary
  • High-level Design Template
  • Informal High-level Design Template
  • Detailed Design Document
  • Small Group Feedback Template
  • Pilot Feedback Template
  • Communication Plan
  • Job Aid 20 Gen AI Prompts to Learn About Formative Evaluation
  • PowerPoint Nine Formative Evaluation Techniques

Webinar Details

In this on-demand webinar with Gary DePaul, Ph.D., you will learn nine formative evaluation techniques to strengthen your learning solutions. You’ll receive two pilot templates and an example of how Gary leveraged several evaluation techniques to exceed client expectations.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn to:

  • Effectively leverage one or more of the nine formative evaluation techniques to ensure the highest quality of deliverables.
  • Utilize the formative evaluation tools for better assessment and refinement of your learning solutions.
  • Master the art of managing client expectations to create a positive and productive working relationship.
    Guarantee the superior quality of your deliverables, leading to improved outcomes and satisfied clients.
  • Supercharge your consulting abilities, help clients bridge their performance gaps effectively, and revolutionize your client engagements!

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gary depaul

Gary DePaul, PhD

Dr. DePaul is a renowned performance consultant, accomplished researcher, esteemed author, podcaster, and seasoned Human Resource Business Partner. With an impressive track record spanning more than two decades, Dr. DePaul has been instrumental in empowering organizations to elevate their workforce performance to new heights.

In addition to serving as an Adjunct Professor at the esteemed University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr. DePaul is a sought-after speaker for prestigious institutions and corporations including American Express, Bank of America, Training Magazine, Notre Dame, among many others.

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