• 35 Expert Trainers​
  • 1 Project Manager​
  • 6 Project Leads


  • Conduct train-the-trainer sessions and a three-day certification course to ensure each instructor was prepared for their training engagement with Hallmark​
  • Trained 3,000 Hallmark employees on the new POS system in over 1,000 locations nationwide​
  • Provided a project manager and six project leaders, a dedicated scheduler and 35 instructors​
  • Deployed trainers for a day and a half to ensure Hallmark retail staff were comfortable using the new POS features and functions


  • Successfully trained 3,000 Hallmark retail employees in over 1,000 locations nationwide on the new POS system​
  • Experience dramatic staff efficiency improvements due to utilizing the new POS system​
  • Gained control over all POS transaction processes​
  • Positioned Hallmark stores for future growth and success
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