• Learning Strategist
  • Expert Trainers


  • Conducted an analysis of Insulet employees’ level of engagement and important characteristics of their company culture which they wanted to preserve. ​
  • Crafted a learning strategy utilizing Insulet’s current learning management system (LMS)​
  • Developed a multi-faceted learning new-hire program that utilized classroom training, hands-on training, huddle-based learning, eLearning, and document review (SOPs)


  • Successfully established a learning strategy that incorporates Insulet’s values of respect and openness,  while communicating expectations, gathering learner input, and  maintaining engagement during and after the training process  this was a tough sentence. 
  • Effectively reduced time-to-competency for Insulet employees by implementing a multi-faceted new-hire training program
  • Decreased turnover rates among Insulet’s employees by adding more job specific training 
  • Improved the skills and proficiency of employees and empowered them to be successful in their roles at Insulet
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