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Our Full-Time Placement Services Specialize in L&D (Learning And Development) Professionals Across All Industries

For over a quarter of a century, TTA has specialized in securing L&D professionals for a variety of industries, ranging from finance to transportation, to higher education. Our full-time placement services have proven to source high-quality and long-term candidates to meet the needs of our client’s business and culture. We’ve partnered with both HR departments and organizational development experts to fill their evolving needs for L&D talent. Our L&D professionals specialize in diverse areas of expertise spanning soft skills training, leadership training, IT training, all the way to defining L&D strategy and delivering content.

Additional Organizational Benefits of TTA Full-Time Placement:
  • More skilled candidates
  • Immense resources
  • Cost saving
  • Added flexibility
  • Deep network
  • Vast options

We have a network of thousands of L&D experts. Whether you need a learning strategist, instructional designer, content developer, trainer, director, or training manager, we are committed to finding your future star.

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