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Full-Time Placement Service Specialists

Finding the ideal learning and development (L&D) person for your company with the right skills, experience, and company culture fit is exciting, yet it can be difficult. It takes a solid understanding of the field and the specialized roles within it, to understand the unique job requirements and applicable skills needed for someone to be successful. We understand these hiring challenges.

Sometimes you need a partner to navigate through the talent potential. We are here to help ease your staffing service pressures by finding qualified candidates to fill your long-term permanent placement L&D roles.

Why Go With TTA?

Here are three reasons why you might go with TTA, as opposed to a staffing agency:

  1. We do this better than anyone. We have been in this space for 25 years and we know L&D talent.
  2. We stand behind our results. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll find a replacement.
  3. Our pricing is very competitive.

How We Make It Easy to Hire Your Next Employee

Our full-time placement process is simple yet delivers consistent successful results that our clients have come to expect.

Step 1

Talk to us, we’re listening

The first step is to understand your company’s culture, L&D department, and hiring needs. Tell us all about it. What skills and technology requirements are needed? What types of employees are most successful in the organization?

Our experienced hiring consultants will work with you to truly understand the nuances of your needs and role. It’s more than finding a qualified candidate, it’s a partnership of sharing ideas based on our sourcing best practices in learning and development.

Step 2

Sit back and relax,
the search begins with the best L&D talent

This is where the fun and our passion for sourcing talent begins. Sit back and let us do all the work to find, interview, and present exceptional candidates.

We start by engaging with our broad network of L&D professionals, both in your local area and globally, who are eager to find their next career opportunity.

Step 3

Get ready to meet your qualified candidates

It’s our expertise in assessing and evaluating candidates that matters most in the process. Is the candidate a fit not only to the role but to the manager, the team, and the organization?

We’re here to make it easy for you to hire an L&D star who is eager to make an impact to your learners and organization.

Here are a few popular positions that we’ve filled for clients:

  • Director of Learning and Development
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Content Developer
  • Training Manager
  • Vice President, Training and Development
  • Software Trainer

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