Seven Benefits of Partnering with TTA for Direct Hire Placement

🕑 4 minutes read | Apr 14 2021 | By Becky Gendron

From large multinational corporations to small businesses, finding the right talent is a crucial piece of success for any organization. Often times, leaders choose to partner with a staffing company to help with the recruitment and hiring process. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with TTA team members Steve Miln, Direct Placement Business Executive and Bryan Dick, Direct Placement Manager to discuss the many benefits of partnering with a staffing company for your direct hire placement needs.

Steve and Bryan shared seven ways that partnering with a staffing company can benefit your organization:

1. A Faster and More Efficient Hiring Process

The Human Resources department is one of the most important functions of any organization. HR Managers typically wear numerous hats and have a booked 8-hour schedule revolving around keeping a safe working environment, employer-employee relations, compensation and benefits, onboarding, labor law compliance, professional development, succession planning, and company branding and culture to name a few. This can cause delays in the hiring process and result in the loss of top-tier talent due to it being picked up by another company that was faster with interviews and quicker to make an offer. By partnering with TTA, we eliminate this issue by providing the highest quality candidates, specific to your needs and requirements. We function as an extension of your team, help alleviate the workload of your HR team and create a more efficient hiring process.

2. A Dependable Recruiting Team

While one single recruiter might start a search, TTA has a dedicated support team that is ready to jump in and tackle the same or more openings at any time. This is critical when a company quickly needs to hire a priority skill set or is ramping up hiring efforts during a particular time of the year.

3. A Larger and More Comprehensive Talent Network

TTA has access to an unparalleled global network of Learning and Development talent across every industry. We’ve only specialized in the Learning and Development space since our beginning 26 years ago. We have deep relationships with industry experts and can help you find talent very quickly. Our support system gives hiring managers a more comprehensive candidate profile to use when narrowing down the ideal addition to their team. Because we are experts in L&D, we don’t enter any search with a generic, uneducated approach.

4. Employee Retention

Many of TTA’s clients have many other things on their to-do lists and are not able to dedicate 100% of their time to finding top talent. By partnering with TTA, we can help ensure that the candidates being interviewed or hired for a specific role are serious and committed to pursuing the new position. It can become expensive for organizations to train, onboard, and get IT set up with new employees only to have them quit when they find out “it’s just not what they wanted”. TTA takes the time to educate ourselves on your ‘must-haves’ and someone who will fit within your corporate culture. This gives us the ability to eliminate candidates who do not have the proper prerequisites or fit your culture and provide you only with talent that aligns with such.

5. Risk Limitation and Knowledge of Local Compliance

TTA is very knowledgeable in international and domestic labor laws and guarantees our clients face a low-risk hiring process. We have a team dedicated to compliance who are responsible for protecting you from engaging in non-compliant recruiting practices anywhere in the world.

6. Consistent Recruitment Process

Partnering with TTA allows organizations to streamline their recruitment efforts. We provide a reliable practice to recruiting that’s applied consistently across the organization. This benefit is evident with our clients who have several locations. Our recruiting process keeps the hiring managers and candidates updated throughout the entire hiring process.

7. Cost-Effective

TTA values the time and resources of the organizations we partner with. We are dedicated to finding the right candidate for our partners and ensuring that they make an impact. There certainly are times when a company wants to enlist the support of external providers for a search but are unable to do so because they are not approved to outsource, or don’t have the budget for agency spend. After months of striking out, these organizations often realize that when a position is fully budgeted and time begins to pass, they are losing valuable time where they could have someone making important contributions to the company and improving profitability. Internal advertising, background checks, paying for job fairs, and paying for candidate search engines can be costly with a single job posting costing almost $400. By partnering with TTA, we remove this burden so that your team can allocate your time, resources, and funding to other critical business areas.


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