Instructional Design


Instructional Design Solutions In the Workplace

Of course, learning expertise comes from lots of different disciplines and fields, but, broadly speaking, a specialization in the art and science of learning is the realm of instructional design. ​

TTA’s talent network is one of the largest communities of instructional design professionals working today. Here are a few of the skill sets and roles available in our network. Some experts have niche expertise in a portion of the design process, such as needs analysis, while others are generalists who wear more than one hat.

  • LEARNING STRATEGISTS are experts in high-level design, solutions architecture, & performance consulting. They work on needs analyses, strategy road maps, and high-level design documents.
  • LEARNER EXPERIENCE (LX) DESIGNERS are specialists in UX for learning, including the context of that experience (why, when, & how). They design learner journeys or pathways, apply research-based and data-based approaches, and look for ways to incorporate learning into the flow of work. 
  • INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS are generalists who select & develop the right activities to achieve learning objectives. They design activities in multiple modalities, assessment strategies, & reinforcement. 
  • WRITERS & CONTENT DEVELOPERS are team members who author content, write scripts, and produce instructional materials. They write instructor and participant guides, e-learning tutorials, and reference materials.

As you can see, TTA’s award-winning, learning experts can meet a variety of needs. With our talent, you can scale your existing team or receive full-service design and development in any of the standard modalities.

Let’s Build Your Learning Experience Together!