Many of today’s learners have less time to spend on learning and development, which is why being able to learn information quickly and in an accessible and concise manner, is extremely beneficial. Microlearning is an approach that focuses on a specific concept, skill, idea, or topic and utilizes small learning units with only the necessary amount of information. Whether as part of a broader learning strategy or a complete solution, TTA can help support your microlearning initiatives.

Benefits of Microlearning

  • Better Retention – Short and repetitive learning increases long-term comprehension rates.
  • Accessibility – With short snippets of information, available through apps and mobile devices, that learners can take at their own pace.
  • Reinforcement – Microlearning reinforces the most important concepts and need-to-know information after a training event without requiring a large time commitment from learners.
  • Continued Learning Support – After formal training ends, microlearning can be used to support continued learning with quizzes and refreshers.
  • Support ILT and VILT Initiatives – Learners can utilize microlearning to support training by utilizing practice sessions, assessments, and post-training reinforcement.

When deciding the best modality for training delivery for your organization, it is important to understand exactly who your learners are and what they need. For over 25 years, TTA has helped thousands of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, define learning strategies, design, and deliver training that brings measurable training results. Whether you choose to build your microlearning programs in-house with the assistance of one of our Content Developers or prefer to have TTA guide your project, we’re here to serve you. Contact a TTA Learning Expert today and we will help you identify the right learning solution for your organization.


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