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Today’s learner has less and less time to spend on training and development, and being able to learn information quickly in an accessible concise manner is extremely beneficial to an organization and advantageous in today’s world. Accessing information via a computer, table, or phone can make the short bursts of learner content have a significant impact on your users – and make the content fit into their everyday lives. TTA’s microlearning training delivery ensures that your employees are focused on a specific organizational outcome, and not stuck in a classroom all day.

Microlearning courses provide your organization with the content needed to fill in the gaps at a moment’s notice and are also easy to update with newer content when deemed necessary. Our training professionals teach you content in bite-sized chunks to make it entirely manageable, and this delivery helps close the gaps in knowledge and skill. With the populations attention span length becoming shorter, the quick burst aspect of microlearning has become vital in many organizations learning strategies.

Additional TTA Microlearning Benefits:
  • Better retention
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Accessibility and affordability
  •  High impact

We’ve helped many clients develop Microlearning content for video, mobile technologies, and e-Learning – take advantage of our expertise and get in touch with us today.

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