The Learner’s Journey: Fostering Engagement at Every Turn

Podcast Summary

Engagement, AI, and Custom Learning Paths

The importance of fostering engagement throughout the learner’s journey was highlighted by Jocelyn Allen, who shared a study that found 80% of employees feel more engaged when learning new skills. Adam Weisblatt, a learning strategist, emphasized the need for more engaging content, especially in a virtual environment, and the potential benefits of AI in crafting learner-centered experiences.

John Laverdure raised concerns from L&D leaders about having sufficient time, staff, and budget to deliver training effectively. A discussion ensued about the integration of AI in learning and development, with Adam highlighting the benefits but also emphasizing responsible usage and manual editing to ensure accuracy and relevance. Jocelyn Allen explored the potential of creating custom learning paths based on individual learning styles and preferences.

Engagement Strategies in In-person and Remote Learning

The discussion focused on maintaining engagement in both in-person and remote learning settings. Adam emphasized the importance of performance, mixing telling and doing, and humor in maintaining engagement. Jocelyn Allen agreed with the importance of humor, noting the need to understand its boundaries.

The team also discussed strategies for making compliance training more engaging and effective, with Adam suggesting explaining the benefits, making it shorter, avoiding bullet points, and using humor and visuals. Jocelyn Allen agreed, noting the tone set by the development of training materials influences participant engagement and effectiveness.

AI and Learner Engagement Challenges

John and Adam discussed the challenges of measuring learner engagement in a classroom or online setting. They agreed that traditional metrics like attendance and test results are limited proxies for engagement and that AI could offer more sophisticated assessments of learning. Adam emphasized the importance of paying attention to cues and adjusting course delivery accordingly. The team also discussed the potential of AI in sentiment analysis and how it might impact learning and development. The conversation concluded with Adam stressing that AI cannot recreate the human connection and empathy that are crucial for effective engagement.

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