Diversity Training is Crucial Even In a Virtual Environment

Virtual diversity training

Diversity in the workplace is essential to create a thriving business, especially when it comes to employee engagement. In fact, Gallop released their findings from a study that revealed that the combination of employee engagement and gender diversity results in 46% to 58% higher financial performance for business units with above average engagement and gender diversity. Diversity training doesn’t need to wait. On May 12th, 2020 TTA held a webinar to show you how important topics, such as diversity, can be effectively delivered virtually.

You will hear from a leading industry expert and TTA partner, Judy Kaye, JD. Judy is a diversity practitioner with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries and notable experience as a lawyer. She has designed and conducted hundreds of interactive workshops on diversity and inclusion, prevention of discrimination and harassment at work and school, effective communication, and culturally competent patient care.

In this webinar Judy shares the benefits, opportunities, and challenges related to Virtual Diversity.

  • How to align diversity training with your business goals, values, and strategies
  • How to deliver quality diversity training
  • Benefits of virtual instructor-led diversity training
  • Align supported exercises and activities to your goals and your employees’ characteristics