Jocelyn is the Recruitment Manager who works with Talent Resources and Partners to find their perfect match in contract Learning and Development roles.  Jocelyn is proud to be a part of TTA because her role allows her to meet new people every day and make an impact on their lives and careers.  She is able to show up as the most authentic version of herself and build meaningful relationships with her colleagues and Talent resources because of the incredible culture.

Jocelyn has supported some of our largest client roll-outs in the soft skills and professional development space. She has worked with non-profits all the way to Fortune 50 organizations on their professional development programs resulting in stronger retention and growth opportunities for employees.

If Jocelyn was to try a different career, it would be a professional chef. Her husband is one and she loves getting in the kitchen with him. Her Mickey Mouse cake is from scratch! She would also love the ability to fly as traffic is the worst.

Jocelyn lives at home with her family and doggo, Moose.  She loves getting sucked into a good book, causing trouble with her best friend of 30 years, going to the park with her kiddo, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen with her husband.  She was a makeup artist for over 17 years and still loves to do looks for special events, including Halloween!

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