Course Description

Resiliency Training

Below you will find sample outlines for leaders or your entire team.

Resilient Leadership Course

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the impact of the leader
  • Identifying how stress and intrinsic models influence leader behavior and how to counter them
  • Understanding the needs of teams and how to create a psychologically safe work environment
  • Identification of individual tactics for creating resiliency within the team
  • Understanding potential threats to the well-being of the team and the leader


  • The resilient leadership model
  • Leader stress styles and self-care
  • Modeling resiliency
  • Psychological safety for you and your team
  • Bringing people with you
  • Feedback, listening, and appreciation
  • Leadership shadow
  • Addressing hazards to team resiliency

Resiliency Teams Training Course

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what resiliency is and is not
  • Understanding how resiliency helps manage stress
  • Understanding how values and goals help with resiliency
  • Understanding how mindfulness, self-compassion, and acceptance help with resiliency
  • Accessing 5 ways to practice the three tools for resiliency

Course Outline

  • Biology and psychology of stress
  • Framework for responding to stress and building resiliency through
  • Understanding self
  • Identifying values & goals
  • Tapping into strengths
  • Understanding boundaries
  • 3 tactics for responding to stress
  • Resiliency model application in various situations
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