Utilize Video to Bring Your Onboarding to Life

🕑 2 minutes read | Jul 01 2020 | By Becky Gendron

Onboarding is a pivotal piece of a new employee’s experience and the impact they have within an organization. In fact, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they had a successful onboarding experience. As we navigate unchartered waters during this unprecedented time, many organizations are struggling with disruptions to their standard onboarding process. Finding alternative methods to onboard new employees is more important than ever. Globally, organizations are beginning to utilize virtual means of training and knowledge sharing such as video for their onboarding programs in order to prepare new employees for success.

With so many unknowns, transforming your onboarding process can feel overwhelming. From newly hired to ready for growth, there are a lot of moving parts. The good news is, TTA can help. As a fellow organization, we understand what you’re going through and we have the skills, resources, and experience to help support your onboarding initiatives and keep your new hires on track as you navigate through this crisis.

How TTA Can Help

TTA has the capability to offer support for creating onboarding videos in many ways including:

  • Help create your onboarding process using video.
  • Help seamlessly integrate new employees with low time-to-competency.
  • Help your organization rapidly convert your face-to-face onboarding training content into a video or virtual experiences.
  • Help your new hires with policy and emergency preparedness.
  • Help your organization manage change and adapt to new ways of working.

We’d like to share an example of how TTA partnered with an organization to utilize video for onboarding. TTA recently joined forces with our valued partner the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), to transform their onboarding program and better prepare social workers for their new roles. DCF needed an innovative, fun, informative, and engaging solution to help lessen the number of generic questions asked during training time. Utilizing video, we were to transform DCF’s onboarding program. The onboarding videos:

  • Reduced the amount of general questions asked during training time by 90%.
  • Successfully answered 100% of the questions they had previously received.
  • Improved consistency and efficiency among new hires throughout onboarding
  • Reduced nerves prior to the first day of work

The following video Bringing Onboarding to Life: Transforming The New Hire Journey. provides an overview of Brandon Hall award-winning initiative and the impact it had on the organization.

During times like these, we must work together to control what we can and create innovative solutions where possible. TTA has partnered with organizations of all sizes, and in different industries on award-winning onboarding training programs. We’ll help you create and implement a strategy for onboarding and provide your team with the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate new employees. It is our hope that the COVID-19 disruption is brief and that you and your employees remain safe and healthy throughout it all.


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