6 Benefits of a Freelance Technical Writer

🕑 3 minutes read | Mar 08 2023 | By Becky Gendron

Expert freelance technical writing continues to be a growing demand as the complexity of products grow in this age of information. While the term is much more common than it used to be, you may be asking what is a technical writer?

A technical writer converts data and knowledge into a usable form. Not only are they adept at written communication, but they translate highly technical data, complex algorithms, and advanced concepts into a user-friendly format. A technical writer takes raw data, graphs, spreadsheets, schematics, engineering documents, test results, and many other sources and creates a wide range of deliverables, including user manuals, technical documentation, how-to guides, journal submission, white papers, and training materials.

Software development, manufacturing, and engineering companies frequently use technical writers but a growing hunger for information, more complete product offerings, search engine optimization, and resource management have created a widespread demand for them.

The right technical writer can provide value to an organization and improve the quality of documentation, deliverables, training materials, and other essential communications.

We’ve identified six ways a freelance technical writer can help your organization:

1. Allow Teams to Focus on Strategic Goals

With department and corporate goals and the pressures of everyday responsibilities, employees are working to deliver and provide value where they’re most qualified. When resources are in short supply and focus needs to be directed towards meeting strategic goals, staff augmentation offers the flexibility to tap into freelance technical writing specialists, so your team can keep the momentum toward your organization’s deadlines.

2. Support Documentation Requirements

Organizations like the FDA, OSHA, and ISO can require large amounts of documentation to be compliant. Additionally, marketing, development documentation, patent applications, and many other business activities are eager for technical writing and copywriting. Technical writers can offer expertise to meet the resource demand.

3. Transform Complex Information into Usable Materials

Technical writers are masters in learning, translating, and communicating complex material into a user-friendly format. These writers can understand and transform data-rich and highly technical content to meet the needs of a project.

4. Provide Strong Written Communication Expertise

Technical writers are accustomed to using the proper terminology and writing style. They use clear and concise messaging directed toward a specific target audience. As a result, well-written documentation and deliverables will be more usable and compliant.

5. Fast Onboarding

Like any experienced freelancer, technical writers are fast to onboard, bringing quick value to organizations. These contract workers require only the most relevant information to get the job done.

6. Freelance Technical Writers Offer a Scalable Solution

Using freelance technical writers allows you to bring in contract professionals quickly, as needed, without the added cost and time of hiring a full-time employee. Also, staff augmentation offers a specialized technical writer best suited for your project. Writers serve niche markets and specific industries, making technical writing, compliance documentation, and other projects higher quality with less onboarding.

Freelance technical writing is a service that brings tremendous benefits to organizations. This flexible on-demand talent model offers superior technical documentation to drive strategic goals, improve user experiences, and offer expertise when needed. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing learning and development talent and how easy it is to get started with staff augmentation.

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