The Human Element to the Work We Do

🕑 3 minutes read | Feb 07 2020 | By Becky Gendron

Do you ever stop and think about what you do every day?  I’m not talking about what you ate for breakfast or how many steps you’ve tracked, but rather the impact you have on an individual or group of people.

I’m talking about your job, your passion … what you wake up and do each day (also known as your career or hobby). While we come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and have different jobs, we have one thing in common – the human connection to influence one another and have an impact on society.

As the saying goes, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. With the pace of life today, and the influence that technology has on all of us (you know these things called mobile devices), it reminds us that sometimes we are too close to a situation to see what it really is and how it impacts us.

There are so many times in my own career that I’ve never really thought about the real impact the services and products the company I worked for had on an organization.  My eyes are wide open now.  I see the human element to the work The Training Associates and other learning organizations provide to people each day.

Here are two inspirational stories:

Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect

The human element of training.

A local state government agency implemented a new case management technology that offered the agency’s social workers the ability to use iPads when onsite at a family visit. A training program was delivered to provide social workers with the skills to be able to provide real-time access to information to help children and families. Families no longer have to wait for workers to travel back to the office to enter their case information into the system. Now, more time can be spent with social workers visiting families and accessing critical information. Thousands of state workers now better serve over 100,000 youth and families each year.

The forest for the trees – positive impact to children and families.

Building a Learning Academy around Diversity

The human element of training.

As a global leader in Content Delivery Network services, this innovative company offers a paid training program to educate a diverse group of talent (ethnic minorities, women, and veterans) who are interested in a career in technology, but who may not have prior technical skills. The goal of this four-month training program provides an opportunity for recent college graduates and experienced professionals to learn some of the hottest technical skills in the industry. The program provides this diverse group of participants training to prepare for an entry-level role at the company.

The forest for the trees – provides a diverse group of talented people with technology skills to achieve a career in technology.

So, all trainers, instructional designers, content developers, project managers, and other learning and development professionals, stop for a moment.  Now, reflect on how you influence, create, and inspire exceptional and collaborative learning experiences each day. Look around to the learners with whom you interact and whom you encourage. The next time you conduct a training class or design a program, remember how your contribution to human capital is transforming organizations and people.

The smile you see on a learner’s face when they finally grasp a new concept or engage in learning is the human result of the work you do. Your mission to help others succeed in learning new skills and to grow professionally is not only adding value to companies but also has a tremendous impact on society.

Look around, and see the forest for the trees. You are changing humans with your gift.

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