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Anti-Harassment Training for the Workplace

Most workplaces have some sort of anti-harassment training and guidelines in place. Employees might have even received anti-harassment training by the company before. However, most anti-harassment pieces of training are outdated and unrealistic – which shows that providing your company with the right effective anti-harassment training is more necessary than ever. Some employees simply might not know what is acceptable in the workplace and what isn’t. They might think something is all in good harmless fun, but it might quickly turn hurtful. This can lead to an unconformable work environment, which can result in low productivity and morale.

Investing in anti-harassment will only benefit your organization, and make a noticeable difference in your organizational culture. Establishing clear anti-harassment guidelines requires training and learning, and TTA is well equipped to ensure that your anti-harassment training is both meaningful and effective.

TTA Can Help Your Organization To:
  • Educate and build awareness about what sexual harassment is and what it is not
  • Establish organizational policies and train employees on how to enforce these policies
  • Create an employee reporting process for encounters of assault
  • Refresh and retrain employees on anti-sexual harassment measures

From sexual harassment to assault, cultivating an organizational environment of mutual respect is necessary to make strides in preventing harassment within your organization. With TTA’s guidance, we’ll provide your organization with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your organization’s anti-sexual harassment training makes a difference.

Additional Organizational Benefits of Anti-Sexual Harassment Training:
  • Increase in employee morale
  • Educational awareness
  • Established organizational policies
  • Inclusive work environment
  • Improved compliance training

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