Conversations with a Corporate Placement Expert – Lori Schmitt’s Tips for Hiring Learning and Development Talent

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Hiring Tips for LD Talent

Hiring talent is no easy task. The hiring process can be complex and complicated. It takes commitment, time, and perseverance to find, screen, and select the right candidate. While technology has certainly made recruiting easier in terms of screening, selecting, and delivering optimal candidates, there are still so many factors to consider before hiring your next employee.

Hiring Learning and Development (L&D) Talent

If you look at recent hiring trends and best practices, you’ll see some commonality across the industry, including developing a recruiting plan, defining a job, prescreening candidates, asking the right job interview questions, checking background and references, reviewing candidate credentials, and the like. Finding the right candidate is essential to supporting a positive work culture, and can be an expense if the candidate is not a good fit for the organization.

This concept holds true when hiring L&D talent. After all, L&D teams have a critical role in creating exceptional learning experiences and training outcomes for all employees. The learning tools, subject matter expertise, training methodologies, and practices are all important aspects to consider.

Lori Schmitt’s Tips for Hiring L&D Talent

I recently sat down with our corporate placement guru, Lori Schmitt, to ask her about some trends and advice she has for HR professionals looking to hire L&D talent. Without hesitation, Lori rattled off a few common trends she sees in her daily activities with clients. So, from our Talent Guru to you…here are two tips to consider when hiring talent.

Tip 1 – Look beyond Your Corporate Backyard

While remote workers are part of most organizations, often clients limit themselves to a talent pool of local candidates. If an onsite presence is not needed daily, considering a remote employee can be beneficial. Sometimes, the perfect candidate may not be located right in your backyard. Depending on the role, a remote employee can still have a great impact on an organization.

“Some of the best candidates I placed were remote workers because the candidate had the right culture fit and skills that I knew would be the perfect match for my client,” said Lori.

If you are looking for a Training Manager with the expectation that this person would be at corporate headquarters training, then it makes sense for the person to be onsite. If you are filling a role for an instructional designer, this person could easily interact with team members and create content outside the company walls. Technology allows remote employees to connect with teams seamlessly, anyway.

Also, research proves the many benefits of remote workers, including increased productivity due to the time to work alone instead of being distracted by employees and interrupted impromptu meetings. Approximately 86% of workers prefer to work alone to hit maximum productivity.[i] Employers agree on the importance of solitude to increase worker productivity. You may also be surprised how hiring remote workers can support your company’s long-term growth strategy.

Keep an open mind when considering candidates. Sometimes your future star is where you least expect it.

Tip 2 – Broaden Your Mindset

Sometimes you should think outside a job description and skillset. It’s important to have a detailed role with requirements, however, sometimes hiring managers and recruiting teams should expand the scope of the role. Too often they are focused on market experience or specific requirements, and are overlooking great candidates. Considering candidates who may be outside the original scope of the project, can contribute to more diverse hiring choices. Remember, it’s all about the potential of candidates, rather than just the traditional experience and skills listed on a resume. Seeking candidates’ potential beyond the scope of a job description is important. If the job requirements are too specific, you may be overlooking highly skilled candidates.

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Having placed L&D learning strategists, instructional designers, content developers, trainers, directors, or training managers for years, Lori offers guidance for staffing full-time Learning and Development talent. Her experience and TTA’s network of thousands of experts, allows her to apply talent acquisition best practices to select candidates that fit your unique L&D role.


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