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Core BTS is a customer-centric technology consulting firm. As a trusted partner and solution innovator, the company elevates, enhances, and enables IT experiences across the world. Core BTS has twelve offices in seven states, with 350 employees to drive over 2500 ongoing customer relationships. The company envisions, executes, and enables technology solutions through its Professional Services Organization to deliver business, infrastructure, and operational value and to ensure shared success.

Business Problem

As part of Core BTS’s service offering, the company provides training to maximize their clients technology investments. With an increased demand to offer training classes outside the current offering, the company needed to deliver training to clients without impacting its internal staffs current training schedules. From a business standpoint, adding full-time resources was not a viable option because the topics were varied and ad hoc. Core BTS looked to partner with a learning provider who could identify and deliver training professionals to fulfill the demand for additional technology training.

The company prides itself on providing trainers who have years of industry experience and hold the highest levels of technical certification, so finding qualified expert trainers who could meet these high standards was critical to Core BTS. Our training staff spends close to 20% of their time in the field developing subject matter expertise, said Alli Jerger, Director of Learning Solutions at Core BTS. We needed to partner with a company who matched Core BTS’s philosophy and standards for training quality.

Selection Process

Having previously worked with The Training Associates (TTA), the company immediately contacted TTA. It soon became clear to Core BTS that TTA was the leading provider of training talent and solutions and had the experience to deliver the highly qualified, industry experienced training professionals the company required.

Core BTS’s decision to rely primarily on TTA was validated when the company’s largest client became extremely unhappy with another vendor’s trainer’s performance and dismissed the trainer immediately. Core BTS needed to find a replacement trainer fast, and this time, there was no room for error. The company immediately turned to TTA who deployed a trainer who exceeded their client’s expectations. TTA’s trainer took the time to discuss the project with our client as part of the training preparation, said Jerger. TTA and their trainers really knocked the training out of the park.

TTA Solution

Leveraging TTA’s vast network of training professionals and proprietary recruiting technology, TTA quickly identified and qualified training professionals with the technical certification and experience required to support the additional training classes. The TTA solution included training delivery, logistical management, and expert training professionals with real world experience. TTA gives us a quick response time in securing expert training talent and the TTA team comes through in wonderful ways, said Jerger. Even when we have obscure course topics and need training talent fast TTA delivers highly qualified, industry experienced training professionals.

Business Results

As a result of Core BTS’s partnership with TTA, the company was able to immediately fill the additional ad hoc class offerings to meet their clients demand for high quality training and satisfaction. TTA trainers average over 95% on student evaluations. The company benefits from the cost-savings and flexibility of using a pay-for-performance model to support a comprehensive monthly training schedule. Core BTS is now able to proactively schedule and deliver all clients requests for training, regardless of the topic, and is able to fulfill 20% of their course schedule with ad hoc training requests. We never have to worry about TTA’s trainers teaching a class, said Jerger. The topics we teach are complex, and we can count on TTA to deliver expert trainers, consistently. They understand our product offering and our company values.

Future Uses

Core BTS continues to partner with TTA to provide training professionals for their public class schedules, as well as to support additional client training requirements. TTA is a reliable learning partner who offers us a vast network of qualified training professionals on-demand, states Jerger. TTA trainers go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. They discuss our clients training needs in advance helping us to close the deal.