Custom Content Development


TTA’s Experienced Content Developers Work in Conjunction with Clients Crafting Training Programs to Meet Their Specific Learning Requirements

You can’t just pull old courseware off the shelf, make a few changes, and hope it works for custom content development. The goal, vision, and values of your business are important to us, and we’re the best place around for creating custom content that gets real results. We understand that every organization is unique, and their specific requirements and needs are precise. At TTA, we take the time to understand and study your business so that we can develop content that is perfectly tailored to motivate powerful change. TTA learns your business objectives and performance goals, and produces cost-effective, highly engaging and efficient custom content development that utilizes your existing ILT content and repurposes it for e-Learning operations and blended approaches.

Over the course of our business, we’ve helped numerous organizations with customized content – from needs assessment to content planning and development. TTA makes the task of custom content development easier for your organization so that you can focus on the overall continuous growth and success. The quality of the material is ensured by TTA’s content developers who have years of expertise, field experience, and instructional proficiency.

TTA Is Capable of Developing Content in Areas Including but Not Limited To:
  • Video Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Social Learning
  • Mobile
  • Gamification
  • ILT
  • vILT

In addition, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) participate in all facets of course material to help avoid potential errors and minimize additional costs for clients. Within the content development process, SMEs are engaged in:

  • Reviewing
  • Updating
  • Beta Testing
Additional Services:
  • Instruction or study guide
  • Trainer guide
  • Student text or workbook
  • Labs
  • Review Questions

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