Reboarding: A Leadership Playbook to Relaunch Your Teams

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Many organizations that moved largely or wholly to remote work are now preparing to return to work. They are busy addressing vital workplace safety routines and policies. Yet leaders and those who support them, including HRBPs and talent leads, know they have equally important work to do to reboot their teams, redefine roles and priorities, and accelerate to full productivity together. Leaders know we cannot simply “return to normal.” The rapid shift to operating remotely has led to significant experiences and changes, opening up new opportunities for where and when we work, how we work, how we collaborate across the business, how we serve customers, and what is possible. We must ready, reboard, and reinvent.

Employee emotions around their return are running high and varied along a spectrum. Their reboarding experience will play a key part in their ability to remain engaged, resilient, and productive. MDA’s Reboarding Playbook for Leaders borrows from the best practices of reboarding, onboarding new employees, and change management methods to deliver a rock-solid process, tools, and practices for effectively relaunching teams. Whether that return occurs all at once or is done in phases, this webinar will help leaders and those who support them to move confidently forward with renewed purpose, clarity, and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

  • A timeline, tools, and practices to guide leaders before, during, and after team reboarding
  • Keys to coaching the five personas you can expect to see returning to work
  • Key practices and methods to reconnect people socially and emotionally, ensuring that psychological safety reinforces physical safety
  • Methods for leveraging the crisis to improve team learning, agility, resilience, and readiness to ride future waves of change

There is no “return to normal.” This is a new beginning. How will you use it?

Meet Your Instructors:

Jim Laughlin HeadshotJim Laughlin, M.F.A., VP of Consulting is driven to help leaders develop the insight, skills and talent they need to achieve sustainable business results. Throughout his career as a leadership consultant and business executive, Jim has demonstrated an uncanny ability to see around corners and focus senior leaders on competitive challenges and business-driven talent development initiatives.

For companies and organizations worldwide, Jim has developed and implemented leadership solutions throughout the enterprise, team and individual levels. He is adept at designing and delivering results- and deadline-driven learning and development systems and leadership development programs, as well as coaching and facilitating senior and executive teams. Learn more about Jim:

Natalie Sokol HeadshotNatalie Grund M.A., Consultant, is passionate about partnering with clients to make smart hiring decisions informed by fit and culture, as well as working with leaders to develop talent and enable them to realize their full leadership potential. She enjoys putting together the puzzle pieces of assessment in order to gain insights into how leaders perform in the workplace. Learn more about Natalie: