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Our client is one of the largest natural gas and electric utility companies in the United States providing service to 15 million customers throughout the Northwest. To ensure the utility company could effectively respond to the increased demand for energy it was experiencing, the organization initiated a comprehensive corporate-wide change initiative to improve performance, and hired a leading consulting firm to handle the implementation. One such change involved the conversion of older IT systems and processes to SAP and LD-Pro. To ensure system efficiencies would be maximized, training for all personnel affected by the change was mandated by top management. The Business Transformation Index (BT), which was created to measure and define success through key objectives, would be combined with this training.

Business Problem

Train 8,000 Employees on Systems & Business Objectives

The utility company’s learning department was responsible for developing and staffing a comprehensive training delivery solution incorporating both technical and business transformation training. Based on the critical nature and scale of this project, the company realized the training resources required to meet the objectives of this initiative exceeded those of the organization, resulting in the decision to outsource training delivery to The Training Associates (TTA). The company also contracted with a content provider for the development of all custom courseware.

TTA Solution

TTA Trainers & Instructional Designers

Collaborating with the company’s learning group, TTA’s project management team defined the necessary trainer requirements and best practices for the program. TTA identified and recommended the best-qualified trainers with the requisite skills and certifications to satisfy the client’s criteria leaving the final talent selections to the company’s senior learning analysts. TTA proceeded to assemble the precise number of trainers needed, providing them at the lowest possible cost, in the timeframe required, and, in accordance with the client’s aggressive training schedule. To maximize training value to employees, TTA Trainers and BT Subject Matter Experts jointly facilitated classes, integrating client objectives into the training to ensure the most comprehensive and seamless experience possible. The client conducted weekly class evaluations and shared all feedback with TTA  enabling dynamic improvements to the training program, if and when needed.

Business Results

This project was a success for the utility company on all fronts. It was executed on schedule and in the timeframe specified by the joint-delivery teams who successfully completed one hundred sixty man-days of training in twenty-two weeks. By limiting the classes to the optimal size of 12-18 students, critical knowledge transfer was achieved and produced the desired performance outcomes. TTA delivered its solution well within the $2 million dollars budgeted for the project, exceeding the company’s expectations, and resulting in the extension of the outsourcing relationship that continues to this day.