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Develop Strong Leaders Within Your Organization

The statement employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses, emphasizes the need for strong leadership training at all levels. Leadership development training is one of the most in-demand training topics for organizations today.

Whether it is a one-day leadership class or the full design, development, and delivery of a multi-year global project, TTA has the talent and award-winning experience to help meet your needs. When partnering with organizations, TTA leverages our diverse knowledge and experience to offer a consultative approach to craft an effective leadership solution unique to our client’s goals.

The top three reasons most organizations implement a leadership development program are:

  • Up-skilling/cross-skilling leaders (49%)
  • Identifying high potential employees (31%)
  • Creating a succession pipeline (20%)

We have designed, developed, and delivered award-winning leadership courses and programs at organizations of all sizes and in various industries.

WR Grace 2020 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Excellence in Learning

workforce management award
  • Developed a leadership succession program to prepare WR Grace for 13% of their team retiring
  • Facilitated effective knowledge transfer from leadership to new team members to help reduce time-to-proficiency

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Unum Insurance 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Silver Award for Leadership Development

leadership development award
  • Equipped 1,200 managers with the skills to lead Unum toward a collaborative future
  • Developed a leadership program centered on clear goals for corporate strategy, coaching for higher performance, supporting employees through change, and modeling leadership at all levels

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Girl Scouts of Kentucky Wilderness Road 2017 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Results of a Learning Program for Leadership Training

Brandon Hall 2017 Awards
  • Established a formal professional development training program to be used to nurture the growth of potential and future leaders
  • Transformed the Girl Scouts culture to one of innovation, leadership, and strength

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Whether you are looking to grow your current leaders or develop emerging leaders, TTA’s leadership development solutions allow you to maximize the potential of your organization and its’ leaders.

The Right Team + The Right Training = Effective Leaders