Our Manifesto


The Kind of Partner You’d Take Home to Meet Your Parents*

Don’t you want an L&D partner who really gets you? Who makes you better and is devoted to you and your needs? Who you can trust with absolutely anything, where they will never let you down? Who is looking for a long-term relationship, but is also okay if you need to keep it open? Who takes the work incredibly seriously (but doesn’t take itself too seriously)?

We think we are unlike anyone else you’ll meet (look, we get that you are probably looking around). It’s our 25th anniversary this year and we’ve won all the big awards because we come through for our clients, every time. We are a woman-owned and family-run business where our people are exceptionally important to us. We live and breath the importance of culture and it shows (we won Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work in 2018). We care about our clients as much as we care about each other.

We think you’ll like getting to know our family too. That includes in-house experts that can do anything and everything in L&D and our incomparable network of 22,000 talent professionals.


*Okay, not really. But we think they’d like us if you did.